Personal Hygiene Care Plan With Template — Step-by-Step Guide

Personal hygiene is how you take care of your body. You might normally relate it to bathing, washing your hands, brushing teeth and sporting clean clothing regularly on a regular basis. The scope of personal hygiene may also include washing clothes, towels, household, sewerage and so on.

Good personal hygiene doesn’t only keep us presentable but it also keeps us safe from diseases free as well. Personal hygiene care plans are instrumental to keep yourselves and our family disease-free.

With the recent pandemic situation, interest in the issue of personal hygiene has increased even more. Every day, we come in contact with millions of viruses and bacterias. Implementing personal hygiene care plans are likely to reduce the threat of bacteria that can occupy our body.

Aspects of basic personal hygiene

Good personal hygiene is important for both health and social purposes. Your personal hygiene benefits your own health and impacts the lives of those around you. Poor personal hygiene can even result in a negative attitude of people. This can seriously affect your interactions and cause counterproductive results.

Those little unconscious acts like picking your nose or ear with your finger, or habitual ones like not brushing your teeth properly, these are all bad personal hygiene. Along these, there are those activities we do consciously just because we feel lazy or don’t feel the value in it, like not taking a shower every day or not believing frequent hand washing. Basic aspects of personal hygiene everyone must keep in check and practice all year round are as follows:

Bad breath

Apart from bad breath is a sign of various physical problems it can also hamper one’s social life as well. The buildup of plaque in the teeth triggers the growth of harmful bacteria responsible for bad breath.

To avoid such consequences brushing your teeth every night before sleep is a prerequisite. Food particles decompose and create plaque responsible for the condition.

If such conditions are encountered scaling should be done under the supervision of a dental surgeon. Using mouthwash is a good way to avoid bad breath.

Messy hair

Keeping your hair unkempt can cause more social distress than health. It is visually distressing to others and builds a negative impression about a person.

Keeping hair untamed can cause a buildup of oil in the scalp. This creates a rich environment for bacteria to reproduce and cause dandruff, itching and other scalp problems that can lead to serious disorders.

Dirty clothes

Dirty clothes can become a storehouse of harmful microorganisms. These can cause bad odour to rashes and skin infections. Besides wearing dirty clothes creates a negative impression of a person socially.

To avoid such consequences clothes are to be washed on a regular basis. Completely avoid wearing clothes that have the signs of bacterial development in them. Sweaty shirts are more likely to develop bacterial patches.

Stinky feet

Smelly feet is a very irritating condition for the victim as well as the people surrounding him. Gravity pulls down all the sweat towards the ground. So the human feet have to deal with a lot of sweat. Accumulation of sweat causes a build-up of bacteria in the feet responsible for the sweat.

To avoid this condition you can start out by washing your feet with antibiotic soap every day. Also, remember to dry out your feet before you get into your shoes. Change your socks every day and make sure you don’t wear the same shop for more than 48 hours on a row.

Shoes are as important as your clothes are. They face the same sweat related consequence as your clothes. There is a further chance of bacterial development in shoes as they are more exposed to dirt. On the other hand, people don’t wash their shoes as often as they wash their clothes. A separate routine should be maintained by all to avoid smelly feet.

Hands and nails

One of the most important causes of maintaining personal hygiene is to maintain safety. During this pandemic, securing your hands are an instrumental part of maintaining your and your families safety. The virus outbreak has again taught us the importance of keeping our hands safe.

Apart from keeping our hands safe must also be aware of our nails as well. Nails are the most usual suspect for the growth of Virus and bacteria on our hands. Long nails can easily hold on to harmful microorganisms. This microorganism can easily enter our body and cause various type of desises. Besides untrimmed nails can scratch and hurt others by accident.

Personal hygiene care plan template

As from the previous discussion you may have already realized personal hygiene influences all your interactions throughout your life. So you always need to be in charge of them to create a good outlook about yourself among everyone. Below is a personal hygiene template for the readers to maintain.

Personal hygiene care plan template

Personal hygiene hacks

Personal hygiene is a very important aspect for leading a healthy life all ends up. But it necessarily doesn’t mean you get to spend as much time you want behind this. There are a few simple hacks you can follow to mindfully regulate your hygiene and cleanliness. Developing these as habits will help you stay put to the health requirements.

  • Making your bed after you wake up should be the way to start off your day. Doing this first thing in the morning reinforces finer details of life.
  • Getting rid of bad breath should be your prime most concern after you make your bed.
  • Bathing regularly is one of the first and foremost parts of keeping your body clean. During winter you should fix up the frequency of showering routines to avoid dry skin.
  • Washing your hair twice a week is a safe frequency to avoid the buildup of harmful bacteria in your scalp.
  • Make sure you wash your hands regularly during to course of a day and sanitize yours after every contact.
  • Ensure your clothes are clean. Swat stained clothes can stinch and become a breeding ground of bacteria.
  • Taking care of your feet is very important to maintain smelly feet. Shoes, socks as well as your feet should be maintained regularly with great care.
  • Avoid getting your hand and toenails grow bigger. It can lead to many infections and diseases being transmitted through outgrowing nails.

Concluding remarks

Health and hygiene is an essential part of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Certainly, all the efforts of our life are to be directed to the purpose of leading a healthy and prosperous life. Personal hygiene and self-care plans are a good way to introduce and maintain the best practices for hygiene with the least possible efforts and time.




Shafiur is a professional blogger and eLearning & SaaS Industry Specialist.

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Shafiur Rahman

Shafiur is a professional blogger and eLearning & SaaS Industry Specialist.

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