Is air freight from China to USA the right channel for you?

What is air freight from China to USA?

Air freight from China to USA refers to a specific transportation channel from China to the United States. Generally speaking, the process is the initial transportation (air freight), including export declaration + customs clearance in the destination country (including taxes) + inland transportation in the destination country.

How does air freight from China to USA calculate the price, and what cost does the USA airlift contain?

China sends to the USA basically to have shipping, airlift, international express form to carry, today we talk about how to calculate the price of air freight from China to USA, what charge is contained inside?

The Air freight from China to USA is the cost of starting port: pick up goods cost, starting port operation cost, customs clearance cost, inspection cost, and so on, basically is a few charges that starting port can produce.

In addition to these fees:

1. Fuel surcharge (depending on the airport, destination prices vary. The price is adjusted by the airport.

2.. Security check fee, airport operation fee, dock fee (1.72/ kg), air waybill fee.

Air transport and express volume weight calculation formula is length CM* width CM* height CM/6000. If the calculated volume weight (KG) exceeds the actual weight, the charge will be based on the volume weight. American FBA air freight cost calculation: volume weight (kg)= length (CM)X width (CM)X height (CM)/6000; Volume weight (kg)= volume of cargo (CBM)X167 kg.

What should we pay attention to when shipping goods from air freight from China to USA?

1. For air freight from China to USA the sender shall fill in item-by-item details, accurately and truthfully in English; Use a typewriter or ballpoint pen to make each copy of the waybill legible; Parcels addressed to a Po Box number alone will not be accepted; The sender’s name and address should be detailed and accurate, and the telephone number should be provided as far as possible to be contacted in time in case of problems with the parcel.

2. For air freight from China to USA, it is necessary to understand national laws and relevant regulations that cash, dangerous goods, and other prohibited items shall not be included in the express package as well as those prohibited by the carrier as an express package.

3. To prevent others from being greedy, the description of the goods on the waybill, do not write the name of the goods, such as mobile phone, do not write mobile phone, write equipment. Write the waybill number on the box so that there is no confusion between the waybill and the goods.

4. There are limits on the length, width, height, volume, and weight of each piece of cargo by international air freight, and they vary from one major express delivery to another.

5. in the corresponding column details in English, truthfully declare to the customs within express pieces (including documentation) the name, number, weight, declared value and country of origin and so on, at the same time any item class express except (file) should be the attached complete commercial invoice in triplicate in English (must be at least one), so to express customs clearance, otherwise will cause customs clearance delay.

6. if it is expensive goods, do not choose not to save money. Guangzhou to the United States air freight if the goods once lost or damaged, if the goods to do the insurance price, at least can get insurance company compensation.

How many days does it take to fly by air freight from China to USA?

Air freight from China to USA usually lasts 7–9 days.

Due to the epidemic, the delivery time of the back-end express line in the USA is very slow. There are too many goods piled up, and the warehouse is often overrun and cannot be operated in time. As a result, the receipt and delivery cannot be completed for a long time.

It is suggested to choose air delivery (air transportation and special bus delivery). The front section is air transportation, which remains unchanged, and the back end is designated for delivery by special bus. When the goods arrive at the destination, there is no need to wait for the special bus to directly connect with the warehouse for delivery, which greatly reduces the time cost.

The shipment process from air freight from China to USA

1. Stock up Provide product name, picture, number of pieces, weight, volume, declared value, and amazon warehouse.

2, warehousing: according to the pre-reserved code, advance delivery to the warehouse.

3. Air transportation: after confirming the goods, pack and plate the goods according to the system plan, and send the goods to the FBA warehouse by air after warehouse scanning.

4, export: express declaration, general trade declaration namely tax rebate declaration, three free declarations without tax refund, etc.

4. Arrival: By air, the FBA freight forwarder will arrange customs clearance after the goods arrive at the designated port. And make an appointment to deliver the goods to the FBA warehouse.

How to choose an air freight from China to USA?

Air transportation is now a common mode of transportation for much international cargo, many goods from China to the United States will choose air transportation. Although air freight started late, the development is very rapid, with the characteristics of fast, mobile, for the international trade in expensive heavy goods, fresh goods, and precision instrument transport is indispensable. Speed “fast” is the most obvious characteristic and advantage of air transport, usually, we should go to how to choose the freight forwarding company?

Amazon sellers themselves for airlines, certainly the price will be higher. Still, you choose a professional international forwarder company is different, forwarding companies tend to have many airlines offer, such as Shanghai male international logistics company, we will according to to do not with airlines offer, recommend you a preferential price for you to choose, Calculate the specific price according to the weight, number, and type of your goods, and then give you a complete quotation scheme.

Professional service, simple procedures, cheap, safe and fast, sufficient space these points are also very important.

A logistics company is specialized or not professional directly means whether your goods can be safely transported to the destination. Once there is any problem in the transportation link, the freight forwarding company must be able to trace the root of the problem actively and be committed to solving it.



Shafiur is a professional blogger and eLearning & SaaS Industry Specialist.

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Shafiur Rahman

Shafiur Rahman

Shafiur is a professional blogger and eLearning & SaaS Industry Specialist.