How is Cabo San Lucas for Vacation: You Should Know Before Booking!

This is your chance to explore Cabo San Lucas and its beautiful beaches for the first time if you have never been there. Before booking your Cabo San Lucas vacation, you probably have questions and concerns about visiting a new destination. It’s easy to see why so many travelers love Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when you read about its weather and look at tours that explore the area, but there’s nothing like actually strolling the beaches and swimming in the ocean to give you an insight into what it’s like.

Why Go To Cabo San Lucas

The first Hollywood elites started to flock to Cabo San Lucas in the 1970s for a luxurious escape from the “dregs” of show business. The town’s rather seedy reputation changed as world-class resorts took up residence here, in the neighboring village of San José del Cabo, and along the 18-mile stretch of highway that connects the two (known as “the Corridor”). During the 1980s, a new international airport made it easier for travelers from around the world to get to the “Los Cabos” area on a nonstop flight.

Even after forty years, this destination on the southernmost tip of Baja California continues to be renowned for its decadence. But the elitist pretense has dwindled: Days in the spa are just as coveted as evenings at a beachside watering hole. And there’s a good chance that you’ll see celebutantes and college freshmen sunning themselves side by side on the same stretch of sand.

How to Travel to Cabo San Lucas Mexico

With direct flights from major travel hubs across the U.S., making a quick trip to Cabo easy, affordable, and convenient. Airlines are adding more routes to Cabo every year, so that no matter where you live, you can enjoy a quick getaway with affordable airfare. Since Cabo San Lucas is just a couple hours across the border, you can make a weekend trip out of it.

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The Best Beaches in Los Cabos

There are several Los Cabos locations in Baja California Sur, Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, and El México. This coastal city offers a variety of beautiful beaches, including El Médano, Playa del Amor, Playa Chileno, Playa El Tule, Playa Palmilla, Playa Santa Mar*a, and Playa Viudas.

Medano Beach

The most popular beach is perhaps El Médano due to the large rock formation known as “The End of the World” in front of it. It ends with a famous arch known as the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. The perfect vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico is incomplete without taking photos with El Arco in the background.

Lovers Beach

There are multiple tours and boats that take you to El Arco de Cabo San Lucas at an affordable price, and depart from there for thirty to forty minutes at Playa del Amor, within the confines of the End of the World. That’s why you should not miss it, even if it sounds mythical. Take a relaxing walk along the smooth sand, swim in its crystal clear waters, and look for enigmatic caves.

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