6 Best & Cheapest SMM Panels for Resellers

Shafiur Rahman
6 min readOct 20, 2021


SMM panels are tools that can be used to sell or resell social media marketing services to people who are looking to grow their social media presence. These services are often very affordable and you can buy an SMM panel and integrate it into your website or application. Today, we have put together an SMM panel list. You will find the best SMM Panels that sell Instagram followers, YouTube views, and many other services at lower costs. So, if you have been wanting to look for the cheapest SMM panel that has quality service then this list can help.

We have tried to put together a list of top SMM panel service providers. We hope you find a good one that can fulfil your social media marketing needs. So, let’s get started.

Safest & Best SMM panels

#1. Best Results — SMMDealer

#2. Highest Return on Investment — SocialPanel

#3. Most Trusted Panel — SMMRush

#4. Social Media Marketing Experts — SMMBuzz

#5. High-Quality Services — SafeSMM

#6. Outstanding & Modest SMM panel — GainsFollower.com


SMMDealer is a site that does not support just one social media platform. Rather, you can get SMM panels for some of the most used social media platforms all over the world. It provides SMM panel options for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. The site provides many features that one can get the benefits of if they choose to purchase the services from it.

One can often expect a lot of orders to be placed. So, the company provides mass for adding features via which forms can be added in masses and then the orders can be processed in a bulk. All the services that SMMDealer offers support instant start. This means that whenever anyone purchases any service they can instantly avail the benefits of it. No data will be shared or leaked willingly.

The company takes complete responsibility for the safety and security of the data. If you are a developer you can use the API provided by the company for integrating it on your website or application. To make it easy to track the orders you are given a dashboard to do so. The company provides 24/7 customer support so any doubts and queries can be directed to them at any time.



SocialPanel.io is a site that provides a variety of social media marketing services that can be used by anyone looking to boost their presence on social media platforms. The site provides SMM panels as well. If anyone wants to buy, sell or resell a bunch of different social media promotion services then they can use the SMM panel provided by SocialPanel.io.

All of the services will be live and you will get the results that you paid for. The panel also supports bulk orders. So, your customers can buy SMM services in bulk without any problem. The rates are quite low so that you don’t have to pay a huge chunk of your budget.

The rates start at very low and affordable ranges. The support team of the company remains active 24/7 so that if a problem arises at any time customers can easily reach out to the company and get them resolved. Using the API you can easily integrate socialpanel.io and its services on your website or application as desired.


Let’s move on to the next SMM panel provider on our SMM panel list. SMMRush is a site that provides the cheapest SMM panel that one can use to resell social media marketing services or use SMM services to grow on social networking sites. The company claims to provide the best SMM panel in the market that has many features.

The site is quite popular as every 0.14 seconds an order is made. So far millions of orders have been completed and delivered to the respective clients. The price of the services starts at around $0.01 per 1000 units. So, as you can see the price is quite cheap. But along with lower rates the site also promises to provide a top SMM panel with good-quality services.

The dashboard is very user-friendly and can be used to navigate to different parts and track the status of an order. The company claims that it has the fastest delivery times in the market. So, along with the cheapest SMM panel you get fast SMM services delivered as well. If you are interested just visit the site and register.


The next site on the list is SMMBuzz. It sells different SMM panels for social media users and claims to have the best-quality panels that one can get at cheaper rates. Not only that you can also purchase various social media marketing services to boost your marketing strategy at low prices. The site is very confident that clients will love its services because it only provides services that benefit the users and are of top quality.

Instead of just providing one or two methods to add funds to buy services, SMMBuzz provides different methods to do so. This makes it easier for the clients to purchase the services using the payment method that they have become comfortable with. The company values the time of its clients and therefore anyone who purchases any social media marketing services from this site will get the services delivered on time as quickly as possible.

To start using the services you have to create a panel account on the site. Just click on the sign-up button to get started. Choose a payment method to add funds and pay for the services. Now, just use these services to boost your presence on social media. Visit the site to know more details about the site and the services.


SafeSMM is a website dealing with a variety of services, posts, tools and topics related to digital marketing, social media marketing and advertising and any such related fields. If you are looking for some help or services to help with your promotion on social media marketing then SafeSMM.com is an SMM website that can help in this regard.

The company delivers services on-time and has kept the rates reasonable so that everyone can afford and use the services and boost their social media marketing results. SafeSMM also provides SMM panels that can be used by resellers to sell social media marketing services.

The integration of the services to your application or website can be done as well. The mission of the company is to ensure that the best SMM panel is provided at a low price. This panel will provide you with all the various social media services that people are using. It will help you easily sell all kinds of promotional services for social media platforms.


Truly outstanding and modest SMM Panels for social media services! gainsfollower.com is your main stop objective for social promoting. To help your image develop quickly on social media, this SMM Panel is really affordable service for organizations with each financial plan. It establishes affiliate panels, social organizations including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and even gives Website optimization services.

It accompanies full-Programming interface reconciliation for resellers and the arrangement to submit mass requests simultaneously. With promoting services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and the sky is the limit from there, Gainsfollower.com makes a point to get you to the highest point of the social media stepping stool rapidly.

It professes to fuel the quickest, social media development so you can support deals through that. From designated crowd to completely loaded development bundles to premium traffic, Gainsfollower.com offers everything. Besides, you can track down your appropriate bundle and get it through a novel, customized dashboard that makes the route very simple.



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